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Municipal and county governments of all sizes use GovWell to simplify processes, modernize citizen services, and improve transparency.
A faded blueprint of an architectural planA faded blueprint of an architectural plan

Permits and
plan review, together

Markup documents and save them back to projects
without leaving your browser.
Markups and measurements
Collaborate in real time
Automated corrections reports

for free, forever

You shouldn’t have to change your workflows to fit software. GovWell can be adapted for almost any government process.
Reduce busywork and get time back in your day. GovWell helps you automate processes, reduce paper, and work from any device.
Modernize citizen services
Make it easy to get permits and licenses, schedule inspections, and check status online.  Delight your community with refreshingly intuitive interfaces.
Solutions for every department
All GovWell modules integrate seamlessly with each other. Start with one and add more later.
Building and Codes
Reduce turnaround times, eliminate paper, and make it easy to build in your community.
Planning and Zoning
Simplify the development process and streamline staff workflows.
Code Enforcement
Maintain a safe and appealing community with easy case management and inspections tracking.
Licenses and Permits
Simplify how citizens obtain common permits and licenses and streamline staff workflows.
Public Works
Manage work order requests and review plans electronically.
Fire Department
Manage fire inspections and review plans electronically.
Built with purpose
GovWell was founded by the son of a general contractor who watched his father struggle to get permits quickly. Our mission is to make working with local government as easy as shopping on Amazon.

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